Our vision

We exist to help people reach their professional potential and to help organizations discover and grow their professional capability.

Our mission

To help individuals:

  1. Understand who are the ideal people, leaders and teams, for them, to work with based on personality
  2. Understand and express their professional selves
  3. Showcase and share their capabilities more effectively
  4. Discover and excel at their careers and find professional roles that are suited to them
  5. Encourage their professional growth
  6. Be recognized for their accomplishments

To help organizations by:

  1. Improving ability of managers to discover and retain the right talent
  2. Showcasing data that will allow them to hire the right person for the right job, with the right team, and the right leader, at the right time
  3. Increasing performance through better understanding of how and where to apply their teams capabilities and work styles
  4. Increasing understanding and guiding development of organizational talent, leaders and culture
  5. Easily discovering hidden capabilities of their people


Our values will influence all our choices.


Life is about learning, understanding, and progressing. We want to help people in this journey. We support authenticity, introspection and depth of understanding. This means more than just showing the creation; it means showing your journey.


We believe everyone is accountable for his or her career and its impact on others. We encourage honesty and integrity in our work. Ethics and privacy are central to our work.


We want to create new knowledge, be curious and help people explore career options. We want to help organisations better understand the possibilities, and be able to make more deliberate steps forward.


We like people. We will work in partnership with users and others who wish to help professionals.